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Join a global community of adventurers, culture seekers, and geo arbitrators
looking to explore the world's and live, work, study, or retire internationally.

Future and Current Expats

Embrace new cultures and make lasting connections with our global community.

Frequent Travelers

Discover new destinations and get inside tips an tricks on what to see, where to go, and how to get the most out of your journey.

International Investing

Spread investment risk among international markets, learn about international investing and banking.

International Retiree's

Retiring abroad to enhance your golden years, while saving more and exploring new adventures. Learn how and meet fellow Retiree's.

Remote Work Travelers

Join a network of professionals who have found the perfect balance between career and adventure and make the most out of your time on the road.

International Students

Join our community of students from around the world and and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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ABOUT Multinationalist

The Global Lifestyle Platform

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the global lifestyle. Whether you’re an expat, a digital nomad, or a frequent traveler, Multinationalist is the perfect platform for you.



Freedom to live, work, travel, and be where you want.


Easy access to the knowledge you need to succeed.


A community to make it easier and more enjoyable.


Why Join Multinationalist? Here are just a
few key reasons to Prejoin!

Here are just a few key reason to Pre-Join

Are you a multinationalist

3 Pillars To Success As A Multinationalist

As we mentioned before our community is built on three pillars: freedom, knowledge, and community. Our members, enjoy the freedom to travel, work, and live where they want. They use our resources, information, and community connections to determine the best places for them and learn how to become a Multinationalist.  Those that are already on their journey use our site to enhance their experience and to connect with like minded Multinationlist. 

As a community our goal is to spread the knowledge needed to be successful at living an international lifestyle; and make the friends and connections to make it easier and a more enjoyable.


The Power And Freedom To Be Who You Want To Be And Go Where You Want To Go.

At the heart of our community is the belief that everyone should have the freedom to study, work, and live where they want, and where ever best suits the lifestyle they want to live. By joining our community, you can learn more about different cultures, countries, and destinations you maybe evaluating. Then use this information and advice from our community to find the best places to travel, work, study or call home all based on your unique goals, budget, and desired lifestyle.

Learn to unlock boarders and set yourself free from local limitations. Learn to geo arbitrage your lifestyle so that you’ll have the freedom to enjoy all the things the world has to offer.



The Information Needed To Empower Your Decision Making And The Advice Needed To Avoid The Pitfalls.

In our community, we believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we strive to provide our members with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful at living an international lifestyle. You can learn from others’ experiences, gain valuable insights, and find resources and tools to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for advice, tips, to connect with locals, or expert guidance, we have something for you.



A Community To Make It Easier, More Enjoyable, And To Share Lifes Journey With

Living an international lifestyle can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging. That’s why we believe that community is so important. By joining our community, you can connect with like-minded individuals, share advice and insights, and find support and friendship as you navigate the complexities of international living.

You attend global events where you can find love, make friends, discover your next adventure, or make valuable connections after all doing it together make it easier and more enjoyable.


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Knowledge, Advice, Community
Learn From Those Who Have Done It, Advice From Those Who Specialize In It, And Connect With Those Who Share Similar Life Styles And Interests

Multinationalist’s primarily focus is on our community and information about international travel, work, retirement, investing, study, and living.

Personalized Information, Resources, and Connections

We collect data on thousands of cities around the world, such as cost of living, cultural traits, temperature, safety, and other key factors you’ll find important when considering becoming a Multinationalist, or when evaluation the locations that will become part of your International plan. But unlike many similar sites Multinationalist will be about YOU allowing you to more easily search, sort, and filter based on YOUR needs, desires, and opinions. Matching you to the perfect locations, resources, and community members who you can share the journey with your or advise on a more personal level.

A Powerful, Friendly Community

An additional powerful feature of Multinationalist is our ability to connect the community, to make meetup with locals easier. Are you interested in meeting for language exchange, looking for a relationships, want to learn more about local topics, maybe you just want to network, or experience a cultural exchange. Our tools make attending local meetings or planning your own super simple.

Find International Work Or Simply A Good Place To Work While Remote

Multinationalist offer features for finding international jobs. We provide information on where the best jobs are that allow for the flexibility you need. Or if you’re working remotely already we help you find the best coworking spaces, local wifi spots, and resources you need to work remotely.

Navigate The Difficult Waters With A Community By Your Side

The site also has a strong database and forum for helping users navigate and connect with others who can help or have done the process of becoming a Multinationalist.

Benefits Of International Living

The benefits of travel, international living, and living in multiple countries are numerous. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Expanding your horizons and gaining new perspectives by experiencing different cultures
  • Improving your language skills and communication abilities
  • Meeting new people and building a diverse network of connections
  • Developing new skills and knowledge through unique experiences
  • Improving your adaptability and flexibility by learning to navigate new environments
  • Having multiple residency permits and passports can also offer numerous benefits.

Benefits of Multiple Residencies and Passports

Having multiple residency permits and passports can also offer numerous benefits. Some of the key advantages of having multiple residencies permits and passports include:

  • The ability to live and work in multiple countries without having to deal with visa restrictions
  • Increased flexibility and freedom to travel and live in different places
  • Access to a wider range of job opportunities and income streams
  • Improved safety and security by having backup options in case of political or social instability in any one country
  • The potential for financial benefits, such as access to lower tax rates or more favorable investment opportunities.
  • Overall, the benefits of being a Multinationalist are numerous and can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Multinationalist you can experience the world and all it has to offer.

Future Site Features

What We Are Building

Multinationalist.com is a platform that helps you find the best places
to travel, work, study, invest, retire, or live internationally.

Join a global community

of internationally minded members from around the world.

Get access to community and professional advice

to help you navigate the waters and get the information and tips you need.

Attend Multinationalist International Meetups

Attend interesting events around the globe and get connected to the community face to face.

Learn how to get visas & residence permits

from other people who been through the process.

Meet new and interesting people

for dating or friends and get matched based on your interests, and goals.

Keep track of your travels

record where you've been, where you're going and the people and adventures you've had.

Get alerts when you're approaching

the 183 days when you become a legal/tax resident in a country with the residence calendar.

Unlock hundreds of filters

to pick destinations on exactly your preferences and find your perfect place that matches what you want.

Find the Perfect Destination

Find in depth information that includes uncommon but important information for selecting the right destinations.

Hear what they have to say.

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In Multinationlist


We Love To Hear From Our
Members, Reach Out And Let's Talk

We are always looking for ways to better understand and get connected with our members. That's why we would love to hear from you! Whether you have comments, questions, or just want to talk about international living, we want to get to know you.

So don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are always here to listen help in any way we can, and hey its fun to meet other community members.


Start building the international lifestyle you've
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